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Does it feel like you've been running your business on hard mode? Unlock your businesses true potential with the power of online selling. Our founder scaled his retail business to 8 figures during covid shutdowns with ZERO foot traffic. Our proven step by step program will take your businesses online game to the next level so you can make your business growth look like a hockey stick

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When founder Matt opened doors of Leva Sleep, an adjustable bed and mattress retailer in 2018, basic google adwords, radio advertising and hard work helped him grow his business from 0-$1,500,000 ARR.

In the first 2 years, the majority of Leva Sleeps sales were generated over the telephone or in store at their showroom, as well as a small percentage of sales at that time were being generated over our website directly or sold using the stores online chat. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, in store traffic died and he was left with a choice. Close his doors and seek bridge funding to keep afloat until government restrictions and public fear passed or lean in to selling remotely.

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"After just 2 months of working with ChatLaunch, we’ve made some massive shifts in our online approach and the results have been beyond our wildest dreams. Selling directly to my customers through the live chat makes our ad dollars go way further which allows us to increase our ad spend and scale profitably! 

Blair Wilson - Founder MedEx Precision Fitness

"I was skeptical about ChatLaunch until I closed my first sale online using their approach. After the first week we had sold $42,000 just through the Live chat! The investment in their services was paid back almost immediately and the rest is profit!"

Janell Parks
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