From 1-Man Operation to 8 Figures

Here is me in May 2018, shortly after Leva Sleep launch. I knew how to sell but very little about running a business in those days so it was a grind! To make ends meet took no salary and sold the first $850,000 and personally delivered the first $500,000 myself using this enclosed trailer. I also shovelled snow at night for some extra money. The first few years were filled with uncertainty until I unlocked by businesses true potential using live chat.

I know how hard it is running a retail business, which is why I'm so passionate about helping other operators change the trajectory of their businesses and their lives!


  - Matt

The ChatLaunch Story


When founder Matt Timmins opened the doors of Leva Sleep, an adjustable bed and mattress retailer in 2018, basic online and radio advertising helped him bootstrap his business from 0-$2,000,000 in annual revenue with himself running sales, marketing and purchasing along with 3 delivery men to provide in-home delivery. His 15+ years as a top performing sales associate in a number of fields including the mattress industry allowed him to implement best practices and a 80% closing percentage in store. In the early days, the majority of Leva Sleep's sales were closed over the telephone or in store at their showroom. Online marketing was as easy as turning on your google or facebook ads and watch the customers come in (The good ol' days!).
When the pandemic hit in March 2020, in-store traffic died and he was left with a choice. Close his doors and seek bridge funding to keep afloat until government restrictions and public fear passed or lean in to selling remotely. In April 2020, sales were down 80% as they set out on the journey to master remote selling. Many different chat programs were A/B tested along with different sales approaches both using online chat as well as over the phone. By May 2020, the system was starting to gain momentum which lead to Leva Sleep not only returning to profitability but increasing our monthly sales from Pre-Covid $90,000-$100,0000 with 70% coming from in store traffic to smashing our monthly sales record selling $192,000 in May 2020 with 100% coming from online and phone business!
Generating over $100,000 in revenue that month using only our websites online live chat was a revelation and quite frankly a life line to Leva Sleep (and more importantly Matt's family).  Live chat was now a successful part of their business but needed to be perfected. This is when Matt reached out to long time friend and mentor Scott Holliday, who's sales resume is as distinguished as anyone in the retail and real estate  space over the past 25 years. He's the top .1% and specializes specifically in elite sales processes, relationship building and closing. Since that time, Matt, Scott and his team have been perfecting The ChatLaunch processes so that is is completely systemized. While building ChatLaunch, Matt's other company revenue has ballooned to $8,000,000 ARR with $2,750,000 in annual sales being generated from Live chat alone. Leva Sleep now employs a team of 30 people including 10 dedicated sales reps and has opened up 3 retail locations with 2 more scheduled for 2023. Business has never been better! Their sales continue to double year over year while the adjustable bed industry is down 30% YOY. That's the power of online chat.
After speaking to a number of founders about our successes using online live chat, it was discovered how few businesses are taking advantage of these amazing tools for converting customers due to lack of technological knowhow, confidence and sales systems. It's at that time they realized just how important ChatLaunch could be to helping businesses grow. Our mission is to provide retail businesses with the technology, and sales systems to convert customers online and take their business profitably and dependably to new heights!
It's time to Launch your online store and take your business to the next level!